Ordering TNT

TNT is available to non-commercial research organizations upon the return of a license agreement. This agreement must be signed by the principle investigator in the lab and the P.I. should make every effort to ensure that everyone with access to TNT is aware that this is copyrighted software.

In addition to the return of the signed license agreement one should return an order form. Please specify here how you want TNT sent to you and what operating system version you desire. Our preferred method of sending TNT is via ftp. We ftp the distribution to your computer.

If your lab already has send the license for a previous version of TNT you only need send the order form to get the latest version. While the license agreement must be mailed to us, the order form may be faxed to the United States fax number (541) 346-5870. While you may e-mail the form to us this may not be advisable because it will likely contain user access information.

Persons from commercial labs can acquire TNT by purchasing a commercial license agreement.  Please send any inquiries to Dale Tronrud.